Imagine a material that keeps you warm in winter, and cool in summer, a material that ensures people get both good night’s rest; an innovative polymer that keeps your food fresh and drinks cold. A material that is so versatile that is used in a variety of products ranging from clothing to surfboards.

I am talking about Polyurethane. Yes, it’s one of the most sought-after plastic material used in industrial as well as commercial and personal uses.

Polyurethanes are framed by responding a polyol (a liquor with in excess of two receptive hydroxyl bunches for every particle) with an isocyanate or a polymeric isocyanate within the sight of reasonable impetuses and added substances.

The Polyurethane is an adaptable material which is widely used in various household activities as well as industrial machinery. Its flexible nature makes it usable for human comfort and relaxation.

Now stop, and think! What could be other best applications of polyurethane – PU sheets – we’re not familiar about? We have searched and found some amazing applications of PU sheets which I am certain you wouldn’t have heard before!

  1. Marine – Boating is one of the favorite activity of American which they thoroughly enjoy. Part of boating’s ongoing popularity is due to breakthrough advancement in the use of technology for boating in which polyurethane materials make a crucial contribution.

Polyurethane epoxy saps seal vessel bodies from the water, climate, erosion, and components that expansion drag, influence hydrodynamics, and decrease strength. Boaters today can have the solaces of a home on the water, thanks to a limited extent to adaptable polyurethane froth.

  1. Surfing boards – Alike other uses of PU sheets, it has also been discussed in previous blogs that, polyurethane plays a critical role in carrying surfing to the masses. It’s not only current surface boards which are made of polyurethane, but this product has revolutionized the entire industry.

Surfing boards made of polyutherane are strong, flexible and quite reasonable than their wooden counterparts.

  1. Roller coasters – Who wouldn’t like to enjoy this thrilling amusement ride? Do you know how does it ensure a safe ride? Because of polyurethane wheels fixed beneath it.

They’re light, flexible, strong, and durable enough to make the perfect material for such extreme conditions.

  1. Football (ball) – Another amazing application of polyurethane is football. The branded European footballs or soccer balls including Torfabrik Bundesliga, Adidas, and Match Ball, are made of thermoplastic polyurethane. PU material provides all qualities needed for footballs – lightness, durability, stable flying characteristics.


Additionally, this material also contains a perfect grip in all-weather conditions for its thermal features.


  1. Insulation – Polyurethane is also highly applicable to the insulation of efficient materials like a door, pipe, wall, roof, and even windows. In fact, PU protection can likewise lessen your vitality utilization up to 30%.
  1. Bandages – The most widely used medical product that is for healing wounds and body scratches etc., is also made of polyurethane material. The existence of this material in bandages helps in healing wound by providing a moist healing environment.
  1. Denim – Nothing to feel shocked here, as it has already been told that apparel is among the common application of polyurethane sheet. Denim is that fabric material in which PU is used.

The polyurethane covering is connected to pants to give them a specific extend while ensuring they don’t extend excessively in the wake of wearing them over and over.

  1. Polyurethane Coastal Protection – Lastly, polyurethane is also best to use for coastal protection, to protect dikes against erosion. The polyurethane is actually used for coating stones placed upon dikes, doing this allows it to consistently stand against the tide.

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