Clear Polycarbonate Solid Sun Sheet PC Plastic Panels for Roofing Greenhouse



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PC Sheet

Colour: Milk /Transport

PC Sheet: thickness: 0.5-15mm ,1220*2440mm

Thickness :20-120mm600*1200/1000*2000mm

PC Rod Diameter: 0.5-380mm, length: 1000-3000mm

Product Description

It is a kind of amorphous,odorless,non-toxic,highly transparent colorless or yellowish thermoplastic engineering plastics,has been hailed as a transparent metal.  PC sheets has the features of high mechanical strength,good creep resistance even at low temperature,high impact strength,in a large temperature range has a rigid retention,energy radiation resistance,good electrical insulation,good dimensional stability,translucency,physiological inertia,suitable for contact with food.


Used in machinery,electronics,automobile,construction,household items,hand-board model etc..and is rapidly expanded to aviation,aerospace,computer,CD,optical fiber and many other high-tech fields.



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