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Get Export Quality PU Sheets from Genuine Suppliers in China

Guangzhou Ning E-plastics Co.Lt is located in China and of the largest PU sheets suppliers offering best priced polyurethane foam sheets.  We offer largest collection of PU foam sheets with exceptional oil, abrasion, and solvent resistance.

 Our polyurethane sheets comes top-quality with multi-colors allowing you to choose from a bunch of vibrant colors according to your need. It is available in a number of various dimensions, thickness and sizes. We guarantee that our sheets and rods are long lasting, durable and provides you the best possible outcome.

Applications & Advantages of Polyurethane Sheets

We proudly manufacture some of the world’s most flexible, durable PU foam sheets on custom basis as well. Through advanced engineering we hold a distinguished name as one of the top PU foam sheet suppliers in China offering extra ordinary features such as electrical properties, eco-friendliness, flexibility, cost-effectiveness, abrasion resistance etc. Our polyurethane sheets are made specially to be used for demanding applications such seals, gears, bearings, bumpers, valve seats, etc. For diversified needs we offer different sizes of PU sheets at affordable prices.

Distinguishing Properties of Polyurethane Foam Sheets

While our manufacturing process is based on delivering best quality we ensure that all of our PU foam have excellent properties to use under high demanding applications and worst conditions. We use premium grade raw material to make sure our sheets stands out in worst climatic, pressure and temperature conditions. We also take order to manufacture custom PU sheets with high abrasion and chemical resistance. It comes with extremely high strength and durable finished standards. You Might Be Interested In: HDPE Rod – PA6 Plates – PMMA Tubes – POM Sheets – Teflon Sheet