Teflon, is a trademark of a company spin offed from DuPont called Ken arse. It is a pop term for what chemist will call Poly tetra fluoro Ethylene (PTFE). This is the name given to chains of carbon atoms that are saturated with fluorine or used two carbons being saturated with hydrogen.

The Teflon is one of the most significant engineering plastics invented seven decades ago, and still, it has successfully managed to retain its reputation in the market for its usefulness, and other incredible performance in vital areas unlike other engineering plastics.

PTFE or Teflon comprise of numerous applications. Teflon is most likely best-referred to for its part as the non-stick surface inside cookware. This is on the grounds that PTFE mechanical covering is a standout amongst the most elusive materials that are in presence today.

Features & Applications of Teflon

There are many Teflon gasket manufacturers today, who’s running in the race to produce an exceptional product, but only a few ones we find who manufacture a masterpiece product that comprises of some significant features such as;

  • It should offer high temperature resistance
  • Offer little reaction to most chemicals
  • Should have reduced stress, cracking and corrosion

Common uses / Applications of Teflon

If we take an insight into some common, yet meaningful uses of Teflon, then it is used in the US space program, other common uses of Teflon or PTFE sheets includes;

  1. Hair styling tools – Teflon is used in many hair styling tools including curling irons, and straighteners which ate coated with Teflon for its high temperatures emitted by these tools.
  1. Windshield wiper blades – PTFE or Teflon is also used in windshield wiper blades. The cutting edges of windshield wipers are the most striking on the grounds that the smooth surface empowers them to float easily over the windshield.


  1. Fabric and carpet protection – Another common use of Teflon sheets include carpet and fabric protection. Stains are more averse to stick to rugs or textures that have been treated with PTFE mechanical.


  1. Cookware – Since Teflon comprise of slippery surface, this feature makes this product best to use for cookware. Numerous brands offer lines of cookware that are covered with PTFE to keep sustenance from adhering to the pots and skillet.

This decreases the requirement for cooking oil on the grounds that these pots and dish are normally non-stick.

  1. Nail polish – Its Teflon that makes the nail color smooth, and it doesn’t let it crack on your nail. This is because of the use of PTFE industrial coating.


  1. Chemical & Steel industries – Hoses and other machine parts regularly handle some very destructive substances that occasionally are exchanged at to a great degree high temperatures.

PTFE mechanical covering is outstanding amongst other materials to deal with this sort of utilization since it tends to the majority of the issues that are generally caused by working with chemicals or steel.

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