Too much talk, and discussion has been done on the significance, uses, and applications of HDPE sheets, and a person can consult best HDPE sheet supplier, it’s time to shed light upon some top most plastic and resin manufacturers who are dominating the current plastic industry.

This post can be helpful for those ventures who’re looking to get deal with the top manufacturers to nail down their services in new project. Besides, this list of top manufacturers not only will enlighten you about their core manufacturing products, but will also tell about their other innovations as well.

1.  Dow Chemical

Total revenue: $49 billion

It’s an American multinational synthetic organization situated in Midland, Michigan. This organization gives chemicals, plastics, and agricultural products, and it operates around 35 countries. This company is a global supplier of every major resin, polyethylene (PE), and biggest manufacturer of poly alkylene glycols and chlorine.

The principle lines of their business is based on consumer solutions, agricultural sciences, infrastructure solutions, performance materials & chemicals, and performance plastics. In 2015, the organization had yearly offers of almost $49 billion and utilized roughly 49,500 individuals around the world.

2.  Lyondell Basell

Total Revenue: $33 billion

This company counts among the biggest plastic, chemical manufacturing company located in  Netherlands, and main head quarter is located in Houston, Texas, and global operations in London, UK.

It basically deals in providing plastics, petrochemical products, chemicals, diesel, and gasoline among many other products which are produced in 17 countries at 55 sites.

The company had annual sales of nearly $33 billion in 2015, and employed approximately 13,000 people worldwide.

3.  Exxon Mobil

Total Revenue: $236 billion

It’s an American multinational gas, oil, and chemical company located at Irving, Texas, and is known to be the world’s ninth largest public company by revenue and was ranked no. 6 in sales and no. 17 in benefit all-inclusive in Forbes Global 2016 list.2 ExxonMobil produces plastics, petrochemicals, diesel, and fuel among numerous different items in every real nation of the world and investigates for oil and flammable gas in six mainland.

The organization is one of the best overall makers of polyolefins and different polymers and pitches. In 2016, the organization had yearly offers of about $237 billion2 and utilized roughly 75,600 individuals around the world.

4.  Ninge Plastics

Ninge plastic stands among the largest HDPE polyethylene sheet suppliers. This company believes in running unique process than other HDPE rod and sheets manufacturers. They use premium grade raw materials which are strictly tested for quality, and inspected to guarantee the perfectness of product in terms of its dimensional properties

Their low friction sheets, HDPE rods, and PMMA rods are best to use with rollers and bearing due to its light-weight. HPDE is extremely financially savvy alternative for various high requesting modern applications.


It’s an Austrian based plastic manufacturing company which excels in producing blow-molded bottles, caps, injection molded parts, and tubes.

This organization is the biggest maker of bundling all through the Europe having 68 generation plants located in Western Europe, and holding 160 production in more than 42 countries globally.

6.  Formosa Plastic Group

A Taiwan plastic company that mainly known for producing poly vinyl chloride (PVC) and some intermediate plastic goods. This company runs under strict supervision of businessmen Wang Yung Ching who is the founder of this company.

The establishment was laid in 1954 with US $ 798,000 credit acknowledged from US help organizations.

7.  LG Chemical

Total Revenue: $17.8 billion

This is the biggest Korean chemical company located at Seoul, South Korea. LG is a main producer of petrochemicals, polyvinyl chloride, polyolefin, manufactured rubbers and claim to fame polymers.

Apart from it, this company also deals in manufacturing digital and IT gadgets and batteries. The company had annual sales of nearly $18 billion in 2015, and hire around 14,000 people from different corners of the world.

8.  Chevron Phillips

Total revenue: $13.4 billion

It’s another elite petrochemical company located in Woodlands, Texas. It was established in 2000 by combining the chemical operations of both Chevron and Philips.

This company deals in producing polyolefin, petrochemicals, and specialty chemicals. The organization produced about $13 billion in deals in 2014.

9.  Borouge

This company is the min manufacturer of polyolefin, and known as a the combined venture of Borealis of Australia and Abi Dhabi international oil company. This company is involved in the business of supplying polyolefin plastics (polypropylene and polyethylene)

The basic aim of expert team is to emphasize on high end applications in the Middle east, and Asia pacific with Borstar enhanced polyethylene manufactured inn UAE, Abu Dhabi, and Borealis range of specialty products.

10.  SABIC

The name stands for Saudi Arabia Basic Industrial Corporation, it’s a public petrochemical company which is known to be the third largest producer of polyethylene, and fourth largest producer polypropylene and polyolefin.

Generally, this company is involved in the business of chemicals & intermediates, manufacturing polymers, fertilizers, and metals.

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