If you’re screen printing expert, and you do not use Teflon sheets, then all your work is useless. Yes, Teflon sheets hold much significance in screen printing works. Hey, do you know what a Teflon sheet is? Teflon is the trade name for a polymer called poly tetra fluoro ethane or PTFE.

It is exceptionally dangerous, so it is utilized to make non-stick coatings for container. It is also used in clothing to make it difficult for dirt to stick, and it is used in Gore-Tex.

Best ways to use Teflon sheets in screen-printing

Before you contact any Teflon sheet suppliers, first you need to know the best ways to use Teflon sheet in screen printing. Even in clothing, Teflon sheets turn out to be an extraordinary apparatus for securing your shirts when utilizing a warmth press, and furthermore to help settle printing botches that may happen from too thick of an ink store or fibrillation from a dubious shirt.

Following are the few ways how Teflon sheets can be used in screen printing;

  • Heat Transfers

While doing heat transfer, place your garment on the heat press, then place your heat transfer paper face down onto the garment. Place the Teflon sheet on top of this and press away.

Doing heat exchanges can be an incredible method to exchange plans onto shirts for on location occasion printing and in an assortment of different circumstances. It is also a place where a Teflon sheet is a must-have.

  • Foil Transfers

Teflon sheet is used for foiling transfer in the same as it does for heat transfer in screen-printing. The only difference is, after getting done with printing your design and curing it, you’ll have to place the foil on the print side of the screen. Place the Teflon sheet on top of the foil, and press away.

  • Thick & Uneven Ink Deposits

It is impossible that you do screen-printing and don’t face thick or uneven ink deposits on your screen. The best way to fix this issue is to use both Teflon sheets and a heat press. If you notice that the ink on your screen is too thick or uneven, first wash or, or cure it by any means.

Then use heat press. Now, print side up with your Teflon sheet to finish everything. Set the warmth of the press to 320F and the weight of a light to medium. Apply weight for 8-10 seconds.

If you don’t have a warmth press, not to stress! You can utilize an iron. Place the Teflon sheet on the shirt and press with medium weight until the point when the print is smooth.

You can get a matte or shiny complete with your print when utilizing this procedure with various surfaces of sheets. In the event that you do not need a gleaming completion, make a point to utilize the non-reflexive side of the Teflon sheet.

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