Bakelite Sheet

Place of Origin: Guangzhou, China (Mainland)

Brand Name: Ninge

Model Number: 3021

Type: Insulation Sheet

Material: phenolic insulation plate

Rated Voltage: otherApplication: Low Voltage

Tensile Strength: 99.3MPa

Certificate: CE, ISO9001:2008

Thickness: 1mm-50mm

Size: 1020mmX2020mm

Density: 1.45-1.5g/cm3

Color:  Brown

Temperature grade: E class

Hydroscopicity: 300mg

Resistance to impact strength: 16.1KJ/m2

Bending strength: 117.8MPa

Name: bakelite plate

NO. Item Unit Index value
1 Density g/cm3 1.45
2 Thermostability: 20mm or below

20mm or above



3 Bending strength(3mm or above) Mpa ≥117.6
4 Tensile strength Mpa ≥90
5 Adhesive strength N ≥3136
6 Impact-resistance strength ≥15
7 Parallel insulation resistance: normal

after becoming damp



8 Vertical dielectric strength: withstand voltage for 5 minutes in transformer oil,1mm. MV/m ≥16
9 Parallel breakdown voltage: withstand voltage for 5 minutes in transformer oil. Temperature 20℃±5℃. KV ≥14


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