Colour : Black /white /red/yellow/orange/blue

HDPE rod thickness : 20-250mm

HDPE rod size: 1000×2000 mm

High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) sheet is extremely strong against impact, abrasion resistant, and exhibits a low coefficient of friction. The material is also moisture, stain, and odor resistant, and is FDA approved for use in the food processing industry (mainly for cutting boards). The material’s durability makes it a perfect match for a variety of applications such as water tanks, chute linings, bottle/bottle cap production and numerous other industrial uses. Borated HDPE offers radiation protection in nuclear facility applications.



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We proudly manufacturer world’s most popular plastic that is HDPE.  We are leading HDPE sheet suppliers offering extremely versatile sheets and comes in a variety of sizes.  It can be used for a number of various indoor and outdoor applications. It works exceptionally under high temperature and friction. Values remain high when compared to those of many other thermoplastic materials, especially at low temperatures.


Mechanically ground HDPE resins are used to rotationally mold large, complex shaped products such as fuel tanks, trash containers, dump carts, pallets, agricultural tanks, highway barriers and water and waste tanks for RVs. Additionally, HDPE sheet is often extruded with a pebble finish and is used as a cutting board in a variety of industry markets such as meat packing, butchering, and more.

item test unit HDPE
method white
porportion 1183 g/cm3 0.96
heat endurance(continuous) 90
heat endurance(short time) 110
melting point 120
glass transition temperature
coefficient of linear thermal expansion(23–100℃ average value) m/(m.k) 155×10-6
     —(23-150°C average value) m/(m.k)
combustibility(UL94) 4589 HB
water absorption(in 23℃ water for 24hours) 62 %
negative(suck in 23℃ water) 62 % 0.01
bending tensile stress/tensile stress of broken 527 MPa 30
breaking tensile strain 527 %
tensilbe modulus of elasticity 527 MPa 900
negative 1%/2%compressive stress of nomal strain 604 MPa 3/-
pendulum impact test 179/1eU kj/m2
friction coefficient 0.3
luo’s hardness Jan/39 62
resistance strength 60243 kv/mm >50
volume resistance -60093 Ω×cm ≥1015
surface resistance -60093 Ω ≥1016
relative permittivity-100Hz/1MHz -60250 2.4/-
arc path index(CTI) -60112
bonding property 0
food contact +
acid resistance +
alkali resistance +
carbonated water resistance property +
aromatic compounds of aromatic compounds 0
resistance to ketones +
item test unit PE

Remarks:+ and 0 mean depending on situation.- is not.



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