High Quality Bump Stop Rubber Marine Fenders Rubber



 high quality bump stop rubber marine fenders rubber 










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PU is a liquid urethane polymer that can be cured to a range of hardnesses.It has excellent resistance to abrasion,oils,many chemicals,solvents and oxidation,while maintaining high tensile strength and resilience.This combination of properties makes it a unique material.Having the elasticity of rubber and combining many of advantages of rigid plastic and metal.

Product Description

The Polyurethane (PU) Sheets are made from raw materials of best quality which certifies durability at its user end. Polyurethane sheet is popular for a wide range of industrial applications including linings, scrapers, gaskets and machined components.

The PU sheets can be produced with tarpaper, aluminum, paper, or nude. Additionally, its temperature can range from 30°C to +80°C. Our PU Sheets comprise of an excellent anti-abrasion and highly elasticity, each consist of different thickness and sizes. The main function of each PU sheet is to reduce pressure. They are widely used as Cushion, Anti-Pressing and Heavy Load parts.

All Polyurethane products are applicable for variety of uses. More than seventy five percent of the worldwide utilization of polyurethane items is in the form of foams, with flexible and rigid types which are roughly equal in market size.

This product is easily available in market at the most reasonable prices. The polyurethane sheets offered by us are discovering application in multicolored industry sections attributing their fame. The PU sheets play its role in those applications which involve bearing, stripping, cushioning, resting sliding, forming, damping, or rolling.


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