PU Rod

Thickness : 6-350 mm

Size: 300-2000 mm

PU is a liquid urethane polymer that can be cured to a range of hardnesses.It has excellent resistance to abrasion,oils,many chemicals,solvents and oxidation,while maintaining high tensile strength and resilience.This combination of properties makes it a unique material.Having the elasticity of rubber and combining many of advantages of rigid plastic and metal.


Polyurethane (PU) Rod is a most flexible item which is well- suited for low volume products including bushings and bump stops. Generally, it is used as a substitute for rubber components which usually gets crooked after some time, and gives an undeniable update in execution over the conventional material.

Polyurethane has a substantially more prominent protection from destruction and can last some customary materials by as much as four times.

Uses / Applications of PU Rod

The PU rod is used in a variety of industrial applications such as; spacers, specialist seals and machined into components.

Following are the few best applications and uses of PU rods;

  • Automotive suspension bushings
  • Gaskets
  • Bearing Seals
  • Valve inserts
  • Shock absorbers
  • Seals
  • Castors
  • Wheels
  • Noise dampers
  • Roller coaster, &
  • Escalator wheels

It is also utilized as a wear strip on snow ploughs as well as pulleys on angling trawlers.

What are the best reasons to Choose PU Rods?

  • The first primary reason to choose PU rod is, this product contains high resistance to aging, and is also quite resistant to cutting with sharp edges and is also much more impact resistant.


  • Polyurethane pole is a thermoset plastic that, when framed, has a tendency to hold its shape, adaptability and strength under pressure, strain or pressure. With the capacity to be framed into for all intents and purposes any shape, size, and hardness, polyurethane is greatly adaptable.


  • It has better-scraped spot, maturing and tear protection than elastic while offering higher load bearing limit without the disfigurement issues.


  • PU rod offers more superior impact resistance as compared to other plastics while offering excellent wear properties and elastic memory.


Conveyor drive and rollers,Hydraulic and pneumatic seals,Pump impellers,Bearing pads,gear wheels,bushes,Crane wheels,Wear parts,Printing rollers.

item test  method unit PU
color transparent
porportion GB/T533-2008 g/cm3 1.08
heat endurance -50  to80
Tensile strength GB/T533-1998 MPa 8.5
Ultimate Elongation GB/T528-1998 % 587
GB/T528-1998 % 20
Tear strength GB/T533-2008 kv/ml 48

Remarks:+ and 0 mean depending on situation.- is not.


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