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POM (Polyoxymethylene)

Best Price POM Plastic Sheets by Genuine Suppliers with Money Back Guarantee

Guangzhou Ning E-plastics Co.Ltd is located in China and widely regarded as one of the finest POM sheets suppliers and manufacturers. We manufacture all types of best quality POM acetal plastic sheets on wholesale prices and sell it to various countries of the world as exporters and suppliers. The POM (polyoxymethylene) are also known as Derlin sheets and Acetal resins. This special types of plastic is formed by the combination of formaldehyde and polymerization. It can be used in the form of sheets and rods due to its very high tensile strength, rigidity, low-friction, anti-corrosion, chemical resistance and high endurance.

Important Features of POM Sheets & Rods

The increasing popularity of POM rods and sheets are based on some of its exceptional features which includes phenomenal dimensional stability, extreme temperature resistance, consistency of performance in variable climatic conditions, low co-efficient of friction, exceptional electrical properties. Guangzhou Ning E-plastics Co.Ltd is regarded for its excellent quality POM rods. We also manufacture custom polyoxymethylene sheets making us one of the largest POM sheet suppliers in China. Our featured sheets are manufactured with perfect combination of chemical and physical properties to bridge the metal and plastic gap. Due to extremely high rigidity and tensile strength POM Acetal sheets are ideal for industrial and commercial applications.

Widest Range Of Applications

Our POM sheets exhibits excellent electrical properties that makes it perfect for demanding electrical applications for long term support. However, POM rods and sheets can be used in various other areas including bushing, rollers and gears, jigs and fixtures, scrapper blades, housings, fuel systems, steering columns and many other. We also proudly manufacture thinnest POM sheets which is the most commonly used engineering material. Being the largest POM sheet suppliers and manufacturers we offers all sizes and dimensions.

Top Deals Offered At Factory Prices

Guangzhou Ning E-plastics Co Ltd we are the largest suppliers of POM sheets that are quality tested to meet best performance in terms of durability, load bearing and fatigue resistance. We have state of art production lines with rigorous quality testing based on international standards. We use the best Polyoxymethylene (POM) to manufacturer sheets and rods and offer them at a very reasonable pricing.

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