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PTFE Polytetrafluoroethylene is a synthetic polymer which has extensive usage in different industries. It is also known as Teflon. At ningeplastic, we offer a complete range of PTFE sheets and rods in all dimension, shapes, and sizes. We have a variety of Teflon with high-molecular-weight and with extraordinary insulation properties. It has excellent usage for indoor and outdoor applications at home, office, and industries. As we are deep-rooted PTFE tube manufacturer, we can assure you of the superb quality that will surely fit your needs.Read More

  • 0.1-8mm PTFE Skived Sheets in Rolls Plastic Teflon Sheets

  • 0.12-6.0mm Plastic Sheet PTFE Sheet

  • 1-600 Diameter White Virgin Extruded PTFE Bar PTFE Rod

  • Anti-Adhesive Flourine Plastic Material Teflon Round Bar Colored PTFE Rod

  • Anti-Rust PTFE Sheet Transparent Teflon Plate

  • Black Plastic Teflon Rod with Excellent Corrosion-Resistance

  • Black PTFE Rod Teflon Bar with Abrasion Resistance

  • Carbon Filled Teflon PTFE Tube Graphit Filled PTFE Pipes

  • Cheap Price Teflon Hard Sheet Plastic PTFE Plate

  • Custom Size Teflon Panels Teflon Cutting Board PTFE Sheet

  • Customized PTFE Sheet High Quality Teflon Sheet Plastic Sheet

  • Customized PTFE Sheet Plastic Sheet for Building Material