Expanded PTFE Skived Sheet for Lining and Gasket


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EPTFE sheet

EPTFE sheet :


format :1000*1000mm/1200*1200mm/1500*1500mm

PTFE has the highest melting point and is capable of continued service at -180-260 C. PTFE  is a melt processible resin capable of continued service at 204 C. PTFE products such as teflon gaskets are used as gasket and packing materials in chemical processing equipment; as electrical insulation for maximum reliability; and in bearings, seals, piston rings and other mechanical applications, especially those require anti-stick characteristics. PTFE has excellent thermal and electrical insulation properties. it has a low coefficient of friction.

Unrivaled Versatility for Industrial Applications

Discover the Expanded PTFE Skived Sheet, a true game-changer in the world of industrial materials. With its exceptional characteristics and remarkable adaptability, this sheet is designed to meet the diverse needs of various applications. From lining pipes and valves to gasket manufacturing, this versatile sheet delivers unparalleled performance. Whether you’re operating in chemical processing, machinery fields, or electrical insulation, our Expanded PTFE Skived Sheet is the ultimate solution for your industrial requirements.

Reliability in Extreme Conditions
When it comes to performance under extreme conditions, our Expanded PTFE Skived Sheet surpasses expectations. With an outstanding temperature resistance ranging from -180ºC to +260ºC, it remains stable and durable even in the harshest environments. Its corrosion resistance against strong acids and alkalis ensure long-lasting performance, while its weather resistance guarantees optimal functionality in any climate. Trust in the reliability of our skived sheet to withstand the toughest conditions and deliver consistent results.

Unleash Your Productivity with Unmatched Quality
Experience unparalleled quality and craftsmanship with our Expanded PTFE Skived Sheet. Engineered to perfection, it offers high insulation properties, ensuring safety and efficiency in electrical applications. The sheet’s high lubrication characteristics minimize friction and maximize performance, resulting in improved productivity and reduced maintenance requirements. With non-adhesive and non-toxic attributes, our skived sheet simplifies installation and promotes a healthier working environment. Unleash your productivity potential with a product that sets new standards in quality and performance.


High and low temperature resistance(-180ºC~+260 ºC)

Corrosion resistance(strong acid, strong alkali and aqua regia etc)

Weather resistance

High insulation

High lubrication

Non adhesion

Non toxic etc


Widely used in Gasket,Valve packing’s,Diaphragms and mechanical seals .

linings of pipes ,valves ,Pumps and vessels .Chemical,Machinery fields .Electrical insulation parts .

mechanical property
Density g/cm3 2.10-2.30
Tensile strength Mpa 15
ultimate elongation % 150
Tensile strength D638 PSI 1500-3500
Produce Max.Temp ºC 385
hardness D1700 D 50-60
Impact strength D256 Ft./Lb./In. 3
Melting poing ºC 327
working Temp. ASTM D648 ºC -180 ~260
Elongation D638 % 250-350
Deformation % 73 0F ,1500 psi 24 hours D621 N/A 4-8
Deformation % 1000F,1500psi,24hours D621 N/A 10-18
Deformation  % 2000F,1500psi 24 hours D621 N/A 20-52
lzod 6
Water absorption D570 % 0.001
Coefficient of Friction N/A 0.04
Dielectric constant D150 Ω 1016
Dielectric strength D257 Volts 1000
Coeffcient of thermal expansion 73 0F D696 In./In./Ft. 5.5*10.3
Coefficient of thermal conductivity *5 Btu/hr/ftz 1.7
PV at 900 ft./min N/A 2500
Colour *6 N/A white
PTFE was widely used as resistant high & low temperature material,Corrosion-resistant materials,Insulation materials in the atomic energy,defense,aerospace,electronics,electrical,chemical industry,Machinery,instruments,meters,construction,textile,metal,surface treatment,pharmaceutical,medical.food and metallurgical smelting,and become irreplaceable products.



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