Place of Origin: Guangzhou, China (Mainland)
Brand Name: Ninge
Model Numbe: ptfe bar
Material: ptfe,teflon
diameter: 1-500mm
temperature: -180°C-+260°C
density: 2.1-2.4
Length: 100-1000mm
color: white/black/green/beige
technology: molded or extruded
Filling materials: bronze, glass, carbon ,etc

Supply Ability
Supply Ability:
100 Ton/Tons per Month

Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Details
PTFE bar is packed by Plywood cases that don’t need fumigation. Other packing is customized according to client’s requirements

Port: Guangzhou

PTFE Rod: Thickness: 5-500 mm Size: 300-3000mm

Product Description:

PTFE has the highest melting point and is capable of continued service at -180-260 C. PTFE is a melt processible resin capable of continued service at 204 C. PTFE products are used as gasket and packing materials in chemical processing equipment; as electrical insulation for maximum reliabillity; and in bearings, seals, piston rings and other mechanical applications, especially those require anti-stick characteristics. PTFE has excellent thermal and electrical insulation properties. it has a low coefficient of friction.



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High and low temperature resistance(-180℃~+260 ℃)

Corrosion resistance(strong acid, strong alkali and aqua regia etc)

Weather resistance

High insulation

High lubrication

Non adhesion

Non toxic etc


Widely used in Gasket,Valve packing’s,Diaphragms and mechanical seals .

linings of pipes ,valves ,Pumps and vessels .Chemical,Machinery fields .Electrical insulation parts .

Properties Standard Unit Result
mechanical property
Density g/cm3 2.10-2.30
Tensile strength Mpa 15
ultimate elongation % 150
Tensile strength D638 PSI 1500-3500
Produce Max.Temp 385
hardness D1700 D 50-60
Impact strength D256 Ft./Lb./In. 3
Melting poing 327
working Temp. ASTM D648 -180 ~260
Elongation D638 % 250-350
Deformation % 73 0F ,1500 psi 24 hours D621 N/A 4-8
Deformation % 1000F,1500psi,24hours D621 N/A 10-18
Deformation  % 2000F,1500psi 24 hours D621 N/A 20-52
lzod 6
Water absorption D570 % 0.001
Coefficient of Friction N/A 0.04
Dielectric constant D150 Ω 1016
Dielectric strength D257 Volts 1000
Coeffcient of thermal expansion 73 0F D696 In./In./Ft. 5.5*10.3
Coefficient of thermal conductivity *5 Btu/hr/ftz 1.7
PV at 900 ft./min N/A 2500
Colour *6 N/A white
PTFE was widely used as resistant high & low temperature material,Corrosion-resistant materials,Insulation materials in the atomic energy,defense,aerospace,electronics,electrical,chemical industry,Machinery,instruments,meters,construction,textile,metal,surface treatment,pharmaceutical, and metallurgical smelting,and become irreplaceable products.


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